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Open Call 

I have collected a selection of my work on this page for SHAPE+ Open Call.

If you would like to see more projects please have a look at my homepage.



ACF Bratislava


/ installation : exhibition /

The installation explores the oddity of every day digital spaces. The visitors move within an analog interpretation of digital spaces, that are experienced with video-conferencing software.

What used to happen in public space is now happening online. The digital space turned into our new public space. With preset backgrounds the software offers a tool to customize the appearance of our digital space. The new public place is a mask put onto our old private space. It is tacky, glitchy and noisy.The faulty filters weirdly mix foreground and background, sitting and moving objects. Weird things happen in the new public space: sometimes speakers are missing their arm, another time a cat’s tail appears from nowhere; The new public space hosts broken bodies and distorted objects.



SoundsAbout Berlin

Sonic Bodies

/ installation : sound /

Transitory Sonic Bodies is an installation that explores states of matter and translates this process into sound and sculptures.
Unstable forms made of concrete, into which speakers are embedded, vibrate and resonate.
The sound is a multi-channel performance that progresses through different themes - a layering of vivid impulses developed for each individual object.

with Samuel Perea-Diaz 

East Palace West Palace w/ JONABAIHUI
00:00 / 1:00:25

dj sets

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