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Milan Design Week

Ha Ba

/ product design : 3d print : clay /


/ Milan : 2019 /

/ 3d printed ceramics /

The work is a combination of functional and sculptural design. The objects have a distinct appearance, yet form part of a bigger collection. 

The shapes derive from handmade sketches, that describe characters of a gang, similar than in japanese manga or known from 90's boy bands. Each member of the group has some distinguishing features. These characterics have been translated into 3D objects that are produced in clay with a very precise 3D-printing process. The clay bodies are completed with various lids that exagerate the function and features of each object. 


The process of 3D printing plays a crucial role in the design. Knowledge, craft and experience with the natural material clay itself is relevant for the performance and quality that can be achieved with the 3D printer. Special thanks to Fei Lang and the staff of ceramics studio for the support on that. Through experimenting with mixtures of clay and additives different surface qualities and textures are achieved.

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