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Jona Wolf (b.1989) is a trans-disciplinary artist, workshop facilitator and researcher. Their practice is an ongoing dynamic progress and motivated by the processes of (un)learning and collaborative creation. They create immersive spatial experiences that actively engage individuals, encourage playfulness and participation, aiming to dissolve the boundaries between artist and visitors.

They use a diverse range of mediums, including large-scale prints, sculptures, textures, and sound. They have exhibited internationally for example at NOW Gallery London, ACF Bratislava, Design Week Milan or Design Week Vienna.

They have been researching and teaching in several institutions like Leibniz University Hanover, University KasselUniversity for Angewandte Kunst Vienna (die Angewandte) and University Innsbruck.

They have a background in architectural design and worked for artists, architects and designers including Tom Dixon, Alicja Kwade, and Acme London, among others.

They are part of The Palace Collective and involved in co-producing an annual art residency program accommodating 150 artists in Poland.

For collaboration or enquiries please get in touch:



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