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Jona Wolf is a Berlin-based visual artist and researcher. They graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2015. They have a degree in architecture and have lectured at several universities, focusing on digital fabrication, experimental design methods and 3D modelling.
They are collaborating with various artists from other disciplines to expand the potential of spatial installations and explore new fabrication techniques. They have shown work at NOW Gallery London, Design Week Milan, ACF Bratislava, and SoundsAbout Berlin, among others.

"In my installations I use visual elements and ephemeral effects to transform spaces into dreamlike landscapes. I combine colourful, bold sculptures with large format prints. I include sound as a supporting element and weave it into my ongoing research on how sound affects the body. 
In the fabrication process, I use soft moulds to create concrete sculptures. This technique lets them appear lightweight and conceals their actual materiality. I want to surprise people and invite them to explore and touch their surroundings."

For collaboration or enquiries please get in touch:



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