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SoundsAbout Berlin

Sonic Bodies

/ installation : sound /


/ Berlin: 202 /

/ with Samuel Perea-Diaz /

/ 8 channel sound installation : concrete: cable /

Transitory Sonic Bodies is an immersive installation that explores the interplay of materiality and sound and invites the viewer to engage with the tangible and the ephemeral. At the center are eight physical, heavy concrete sculptures suspended from the ceiling and positioned on the floor, each with built-in speakers that vibrate with resonant frequencies. These sculptures serve both as transmitters of sound and as artistic artefacts, embodying the ephemeral nature of sound vibrations in solid forms.

The accompanying sound piece unfolds in four distinct parts, each interwoven with elements that reference the process of making the sculptures. Digital interpretations of visual images translated into audio, field recordings reflecting the creation of the sculptures, merge with distorted voice recordings suggesting the inherent connection between matter and resonance in our bodies. This sonic narrative invites the viewer to contemplate the journey from raw material to sculptural form, reflecting the fluidity of the process itself.

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