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Designblok Prague

Touch my Glass

/ exhibition :  digital fabrication /


/ Prague : 2019 /

/ glass : cnc-fabricated plaster /

Touch my Glass is a research project that resulted in a pop-up exhibition in Mieders (Tirol), an extensive exhibition and a presentation at the Designblok Festival 2019 in Prag.


The exhibition consists of photographs, artefacts and man made pieces that tell the story around a collection glass objects. The objects have no distinct function at first sight, but should encourage you to touch and feel textures from places that are unfamiliar to you. The exhibition shows process, narrative and post examination of the manufactured object and demonstrates that each of these steps is as important as the object itself.


These questions are tackled:
Artificial vs Natural ?
Designed vs Given ?
Material Restrictions vs Manipulations ?


The objects are accompanied by images that show a collection of textures, gathered on a several days hike in alpine environment.
Images of natural rock and bark blur with images of artificial façades and plasterwork.
Those textures have been digitally interpreted and transformed, so that each texture results in a different pattern with a distinct density, depth and size. Mapped on to three-dimensional shapes they serve as moulds for the glass blowing process.

Each glass object is an abstracted reproduction and combination of those textures. With a different texture on each side, they connect two independent geographic locations.

The post exploration of the produced object is an intersection of human skin with the textured glass. The main experience is a very individual sensual perception, but the pictures show a figurative and formal representation of that interaction. 


The exhibition encourages visitors to touch the textured glass-objects, which are usually associated with fragility.

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