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ACF Bratislava


/ installation : exhibition /


/ Bratislava : 2021 /

/ digital print on fabric : plaster : polished metal /

The installation explores the oddity of every day digital spaces. The visitors move within an analog interpretation of digital spaces, that are experienced with video-conferencing software.


Since March 2020 we’re intensely using video-conferencing software like teams, zoom or similar. This software became our main communication tool. What used to happen in public space is now happening online. The digital space turned into our new public space. With preset backgrounds the software offers a tool to customize the appearance of our digital space. The new public place is a mask put onto our old private space. It is tacky, glitchy and noisy.The faulty filters weirdly mix foreground and background, sitting and moving objects. Weird things happen in the new public space: sometimes speakers are missing their arm, another time a cat’s tail appears from nowhere; The new public space hosts broken bodies and distorted objects.


The exhibition turns that digital public space into a physical experience.The designed space reverses the video-conferencing experience.In a call the viewer is passive and the subjects are only breaking through the digital wallpaper when they are moving close to the camera. Instead in the exhibition the visitors are free to move and only by their movement the space and the objects are fully explored in their three-dimensionality.

In the digital space objects are dismantled and flattened onto the screen. Private details are hidden by the wallpaper mapped onto them.


The objects in the exhibition can be recognized as domestic items which are distorted like in digital space but can be explored by the visitors from every perspective. There is no limitation in resolution by the computer monitor. The visitors choose the distance and the details that they want the objects to reveal.


Thanks to Gili Ron, Baptiste Bernard and Nico Mohammadi (DJ Durbin)

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