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Dwam Art Residency Berlin

Living Room

/ performance : audio-visual /

/ Berlin : 2024 /

/ with abstraqt, Jack Miguel, Sabina Moe, snaeb /

/ 2-channel audio-visual live performance /

Living Room

“Living Room” is an audio-visual experience that explores themes of community, abandonment and surveillance. 

The project draws parallels between the physical abandonment of communal spaces and the phenomenon of “ghosting” in digital communication. Just as squatted communtiy buildings are left empty and forgotten due to gentrification, online messages are ignored and digital connections are dropped without explanation. “Living Room” uses this analogy to comment on the wider implications of abandonment and disconnection in both the physical and digital realms.

photo_2024-05-21 20.50.29_FAKE.jpg

Furthermore, the project addresses the pervasive issue of surveillance, critiquing how both physical communities and online interactions are subject to surveillance and control. Visual representations include 3D scans of squatted community buildings in Berlin, ghosting messages from dating platforms and social media reels. The soundscape combines field recordings with a sound piece that reads out bank statements and reflects on community and space.

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